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Let your songs flourish

If you are an artist and you need guitar tracks on the songs you are producing you can hire me and I will enrich your artistic creations. I have spent years working for artists from all around the globe including Italy, United Kingdom, USA, and I am highly experienced in understanding their needs.
When it comes to music production, every song needs something different. Sometimes it calls for a burning guitar solo, other times a mellow acoustic fingerpicking part, or maybe a funky rhythm that needs to sit perfectly in the mix. You won't notice it's there but you'll notice if it isn't. And that is exactly what I'm after every time I work on a song: I want to serve it.
I am trained in many different genres including Rock, Pop, Soul, Blues, Jazz, RNB, Funk, Indie, Reggae, and I can't wait to put my experience at your service. I will create the guitar track that you need and ask for, but I will also put as much personal musical creativity as possible.


Diego played in my band in London between 2016-2018. He was a really invaluable player. As well as being very proficient in his training, he has an amazing attitude and was always on time and well versed for every performance. He plays exceptionally well, and with much sensitivity according to the requirement of each song. This is something that can be lacking in younger Conservatory trained musicians; he is humble and thoughtful as well as very innovative and masterful. He is also a very kind and reliable person and a very good asset on an interpersonal level. I would recommend Diego to the highest degree to anyone who wishes to have a high personal and professional standard in their music.


Diego Sampieri is a superlative guitarist. A talented musician who can read, play, and feel the grooves.


I worked with Diego on a few occasions and honestly can’t say anything wrong of him. He plays so beautifully and performing on stage with him turns into magic. He picks everything up incredibly quickly and is great to work with! Anyone would be lucky to perform with his talent and flair on the guitar!


Diego was a great addition to our band. He stretched our musical capacity with his vast knowledge of jazz. A very reliable man too. Happy to recommend him.


Diego is a bold musician, his music is powerfully exquisite and beautifully raw. I’m honoured to have recorded music with Diego, which attracted the attention of the producers behind BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction show. Our track ‘OM’ has been aired on BBC Radio 3. It’s always such an exciting, satisfying pleasure making music with Diego.


Diego is a consummate artist. He is extremely flexible with my lack of musical theory knowledge and he is very skilled on the guitar in many different styles. A very talented young man.


I've worked with Diego as both a gigging partner and as a writing partner. He is a highly skilled guitarist and a great collaborator - both creative and supportive of creativity. Diego is also extremely easy to get along with, whilst always being very reliable and professional.


Along with an upfront payment of EUR 100 please send an email to including your track and your request. You can either give me extremely detailed instructions or ask for my personal opinion. I will listen to the song and give you my feedback on style, sound and feel of the guitar part. 

Depending on your preference, I can record a single guitar track or multiple guitar tracks to produce a richer, layered sound.

Tracks are then recorded remotely and sent directly to you, with my personal choice of effects and also with no effects at all. With this particular service you have a right up to two revisions. For bigger projects please contact me using this form.

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